Excellence, Focus on the new wind: The 6th Beijing Air Purification Exhibition ended successfully!

On October 30, 2018, the 6th Beijing (International) Air Purification and Fresh Air System Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Beijing Air Clean Exhibition”) came to a successful conclusion. This exhibition attracted the most representative representatives from all over the world. The air purification technology and achievements, a dazzling array of exhibits, attracted a large number of merchants to visit.

Kinghonor The 6th Beijing Air Purification Exhibition

Kinghonor made a great show at the show. Although Beijing was a late autumn in October, it was quite cold, but the Kinghonor booth was very popular and the atmosphere was hot and it became the focus of the whole event. Let’s review the highlights of the exhibition together!

The scene is hot, the king of innocence

In this empty net new wind show, Kinghonor ignited the three events, the threshold of joining the lower limit, the exhibition promotion 30% off, the dealer order discount attracted thousands of new and old customers to the business negotiations, for three consecutive days, the door to the market, the scene fiery.

Kinghonor The 6th Beijing Air Purification Exhibition
Hot scene, overcrowded

The product is hot, the king of exhibition

Kinghonor participated in this exhibition with its full range of fresh air system purification products (wall-mounted fresh air purifier, cabinet-type fresh air purifier, central fresh air purifier, air purifier, portable fresh air purifier), and the exhibits were high in value. Excellent performance, ushered in a wave of enthusiastic, professional audience.

Intention dealers consulting products
Intention dealers consulting products

Merchants are hot, the king of signing

The preferential welfare policy of the “North China Regional Investment Promotion Conference” organized by Kinghonor made many interested dealers feel very excited. After inspecting Kinghonor quality products and listening to Kinghonor’s investment promotion policy benefits, many dealers signed on the spot. Kinghonor has earned the trust of the intent dealers with strength and sincerity. This is the unrelenting brand strength of Kinghonor, and the return of Kinghonor’s new strategic model since 2108.

Investment conference and contracted customers
Investment conference and contracted customers

In the face of fierce market competition, Kinghonor accelerates brand building, expands market share, integrates resources with new strategies, new models and new services, implements new marketing models, strengthens terminal marketing, and builds a dealer operation support system. ! Maximize service support for partners.

The team is hot and the momentum is like a rainbow

In the face of the audience, the on-site work and technical staff have always maintained a professional and enthusiastic service attitude. They gave detailed introductions to Kinghonor’s products and investment invitations to the guests from all over the country who are concerned about the fresh air system and want to engage in the new wind industry.

Kinghonor Team style
Kinghonor Team style

The core competitiveness of a company is its team. Kinghonor has established a marketing and operation team with rich experience in the industry and strong marketing. The team members are young and full of passion for the new wind business. They are cohesive, practical, professional and united. Backed by strong strength, it provides a full range of technical payment and operation assistance for dealers to occupy the highlands in the fierce new wind market.

Brand hot, the king of the future

Kinghonor has been focusing on the fresh air system industry for thirteen years. It is dedicated to the development of indoor air purification technology and is committed to providing a healthy breathing environment for the majority of users. In 2016 and 2017, it was rated as one of the top ten brands in China, and the first large-scale manufacturer in China. In early 2018, the Shenzhen government invested in the company, and the products were of high quality and trustworthy.

Beijing’s 6th (International) Air Net New Wind Show has come to a successful conclusion. Here, we sincerely thank the distributors and industry elites for their strong support. Kinghonor has consistently adhered to the product’s ingenuity, the customer’s initial intention, excellence, attention to detail. I believe that in the future, Kinghonor will live up to expectations and continue to explore and innovate in the market of new wind industry, so that more people can enjoy a healthy, fresh, clean and oxygen-rich home environment, and let those who are interested in joining the new wind industry and engaged in the new wind industry spread their wings. soar!

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